Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nature's Internal Clock

Dahlia Tubers sprouting
Purple Heirloom Potatoes sprouting
Isn't Nature amazing. No matter how old I get, I still marvel at the fact that without any prodding or manipulation from me, things that are meant to grow, just do. The only thing I've offered the potatoes and dahlias are a cool dry place to spend the winter, and here they are, showing, what my ego might describe as, a bit of gratitude, by providing this coming year's potential for growth with those pretty sprouts.
The fact is, Nature just does it, with or without our help. A good example of that would be the fact that I never use fertillizer. Not in my garden, or with houseplants. With the exception of worm castings, coffee grounds, egg shells, and other forms of organic compost, the plants still thrive.
Such an exciting time of year. We're getting closer to the growing season here in Haliburton. The Dahlias and Potatoes have told me it's so!
Have a good weekend!


Bernie H said...

It is amazing isn't it? I've been amazed at how plants here in the tropics still power on despite enormous odds that err on the side of demise and destruction.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Bernie, you've stated it with perfection.
"Err on the side of demise and destruction."
Well put, my friend!
And, agreed. Nature sure is amazing. : )

Bernie H said...

You can't keep a grand old lady down! Cheers to Mother Nature.