Saturday, 25 February 2012

Starting #Seeds @ Wall Flower Studio

Newspaper pots. These are great for starting seeds. Ink is vegetable based, so not harmful to soil, and it keeps the paper out of landfil by recyling it!

Eggshells are the perfect natural way to start seeds. Lots of calcium will go back into the soil when they break down. The cartons can be composted, too!
Have you tried CowPots? They are terrific. Actually made from compressed cow manure. I love the concept of recycling manure and using it to start seeds. They break down very well into the soil and provides nutrients, too!
I've started some herb seeds. Likely a bit early, but I'm eager for Spring! Dill, Cilantro, Thyme, and several types of Basil.

Here's a selection of seeds saved from last year. All kinds of herbs, veggies, flowers, clematis, and even hostas.

I've also made more seed balls. Gotta love "Guerrilla Gardening! Throw & Grow! Drop or chuck them where you'd like drought tolerant flowers to grow. They really work. Seed Balls are their own little ecosystem.

So, we had a ton of snow fall last night. Old Man Winter is still strutting his stuff, here in Haliburton County, Ontario. I guess it's good therapy for me to play amongst the seeds, envisioning Spring, which will eventually make it's way to my garden, and your's too!

Happy Spring (almost), everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you learn something new every day.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Is that the Echo's weekend paper I see? That headline font looks very familiar...

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thanks, Anonymous. One can only hope! ; )

Wall Flower Studio said...

Ha ha! Yes it is, Cathy! Well, it's the free weekender edition, provided by the Echo/Times. That's a picture I took last year, as you can see from the date.
You'll have to trip on over here sometime!
Enjoy your weekend!

Garden Hoard said...

I had no idea that ink was veggie based! Looks like you're having fun sowing seeds. Aren't hostas fun to save seeds from? They're one of my favorites :)

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Katie!
Yes, it's great that newsprint is veggie based? Those newspaper pots are very easy to make! Just roll and grow, lol.
I imagine you're having fun sowing seeds, too!
I have so many hosta seeds. I can't believe how many one plant can produce in one year. I add them to the seedballs. I find hostas take a few years to amount to anything once planted, but then they get big fast.
Happy Spring, and thanks for stopping by!