Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday Tips - Storing Seeds @ Wall Flower Studio

Tuesday's Tip! (I'll try to offer a new one every week !)

Here's a little trick for storing those saved seeds, especially if you have a lot of one variety. A big clear glass jar is very useful to hold them.
I take a photo of the flower, which represents the seed, and pop it into the container.

I like to write the variety on the back of the photo too, that way, the jar isn’t marked up and can be used for something else down the road.
It's easy to spot the photo on the shelf from across the room, which saves a lot of time looking, take it from me, especially when, like most of you out there, I'm gearing up to plant a lot of seeds soon! Spring is just around the corner. Enjoy your week.

Happy Gardening : )

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Now that, is a brilliant idea which I am going to steal - she says while staring at a jar of nameless seeds and wondering what the heck they are.