Friday, 6 April 2012

Gardening Experiments on the Windowsill

Potato from the grocery store, cut in half, sitting in a dish of water.
Clementine Seed Sprouting
Garden experiments can be fun! Sometimes I plant seeds from produce just to see if they will grow. That potato above came from the grocery store. I cut it in half and put it in that dish with a bit of water. Now that it's actually sprouting I think I'll plant it outside in a container just to see if I can produce my own bumper crop!
The picture directly above is a container where I have some Amaryllis seedlings growing. One day, a few weeks ago, I was enjoying the sweetest of Clementines. That delicious fruit had many seeds in it so I (somewhat mindlessly), stuck one of them into the soil. To be honest, I kind of forgot about it. When I looked the other day and saw it actually sprouting, I started envisioning lovely free clementines growing in my own dining room for me to pick and enjoy at will! I mean, you never know if you don't try!
A friend of mine use to take pits from different fruits, especially Avocados, sticking them with toothpicks and suspending them on a glass container with their 'bottom' just barely touching the water below. I was always impressed to see roots & stalks eventually protruding from those pits. Perhaps that was what originally prompted the idea to begin my own little windowsill experiments!
So, now I'm wondering if anyone else does things like this, perhaps just for the fun of it, to see what will happen, and, if you have any success stories to share.
Have a great weekend!


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

I used to years ago but not lately...I started when I was a kid and would try to put any seed in the funny your post brought back that memory which explains why I am planting so many seeds these days...I will have to give some of these experiments another go...thx

900ft Jesus said...

I love windowsill gardening. I tried hibiscus over the winter and they did well. Tried avocado, no go. Just set up a permanent three pot planter under the window frame in my washroom with some early spring wild plants that look interesting.

My mother loved vegetable gardening. She would occupy every windowsill in the house - even our bedrooms - to start her plants from seed.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Donna, that's just lovely. (Admittedly, I was exactly the same as a child :)
Very happy to have twigged a good memory for you, and thanks for jogging one for me.
I seem to recall growing bean sprouts on the classroom window, too. That was such a long time ago!
Have fun experimenting. I'd love to hear what you try & how it turns out!

900ft Jesus, that's just great! A windowsill sure makes for a handy garden! (Btw..The avocado didn't work for me either, but I'm willing to give it another go!)
Picturing those windowsills, filled with sproutings seeds. Your mom must have really enjoyed that. Funny how these seemingly small things influence us, the next generation of gardeners.

Bill Rowe said...

Heather grandson did the same last year with an old potato and ended up with 20 good size potatoes that he was proud of, now he things he is a gardener. O how country living the best.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Well, I'd have to say he is a gardener now, Bill!
How wonderful is that, 20 potatoes?! He must have been very proud. It's great to get kids interested in gardening. I love to hear that.