Monday, 2 April 2012

Sharing Some Spring Sprouts and Shoots

Tulip turkestanica 'Tarda' - A dainty species tulip originally from Turkey.
Hollyhock - Alcea rosea. Growing in the cracks between the pavers. Very hardy and a great addition to any cottage garden. This one is hot pink, with pom pom like double flowers. It grows about 6 feet tall!

Sunny Daffodils. You know I like these, especially because the deer do not!

Scilla siberica. This one has a white centre, so I'm not exactly sure of the variety. It's very pretty en masse.

I don't know who was more frightened, me or this turkey. It turns out they can fly, if only up into a tree! Went outside and up he flew, not 10 feet from me. Scared the crap, (for lack of a better word), out of me. ; )

Happy April! Have yourself a sunny week!


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Your sprouts look so tulip tarda are still struggling to have sun and warmth to open a bit ....been gray and sun and 50 and I am at work

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Donna,
Like you, I'm just happy to see things growing again!
I think those Tarda are in a bit of a cozy microclimate. They come up a bit earlier every year it seems! They're growing in the lawn, so I have to mark them with a garden stake so I don't step on them!
Our temps are about the same as your's right now. Yesterday we had a bit of snow on the ground, but happily it's gone now.
Enjoy your week!

Bernie H said...

I just love the way that errant Hollyhock has popped up! Great stuff. Your species Tulip is fantastic, but it's the Scilla that caught my eye today. What a little beauty! Can't wait to see more of your spring display.

Connie Haskell said...

Everything looks so nice, enjoying the sunshine! LOL...the turkey, that happened to me recently with a hawk..

Wall Flower Studio said...

Bernie, thank you! The blue scilla were planted by a previous owner of our house. Wish I knew the proper name! Will have to look it up one of these days.
I think I enjoy that hollyhock all the more, just because of where it has decided to grow, errant as you say!

Connie, thank you! Yes, enjoying the sunshine very much, but we're experiencing a cooler April. March was warmer, lol! Lucky you getting so close to a Hawk! Wonderful, despite the fact that it scared you. ; )