Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Blooming Season - Flowers and Leaves Still Going Strong!

I can't believe the weather this year. Well, not just the weather, but the side effects of a (so far), frost free fall. The flowers just keep going and going, like that Eveready bunny! I'm certainly not complaining.
Normally by now, most of the leaves are off the trees,  and the hostas have turned to mush. Not so this year! It's just so nice to coast into the drivewy and still see some colour in the garden, espcecially since I know the monochromatic season, i.e. winter, will be upon us here in the Haliburton Highlands soon enough! 

Morning Glory, still going strong. They've put on a really good show this year. Blooming for months.

The perennial mums are just coming into their own. I cut some the other day for a fresh flower arrangement in my kitchen. It's nice to bring the outdoors in!

In the late summer, these Hydrangeas are completely white. I've never seen them go this pink before. Every year I cut some for drying. I still have some in a vase from last year. Great for wreaths and dried flower arrangements.

Here's a mix of flowers. Mums at the bottom left, Gaillardia, (blanket flower) above and Sedum 'dragon's blood', I think, above that.

I hope where ever you are, the flowers are still blooming, too!
Have a good week, and thanks for stopping by!


Kat B. said...

How lovely ~ we are so far past the lovely stage, and even our fall color is almost past-peak. But the past few weeks have been a wonderful palette of colors. ~ Kat B.

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hi Kat,

Thanks very much!
Admittedly, usually by this time of year the leaves are already on the ground by now, for the most part. An extended season here in Haliburton for sure!

Hope you're having a good Autumn, and thanks for stopping by!