Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Plenty of Poppies! #Blooming now at Wall Flower Studio

Once you plant poppies, you'll never have to purchase seeds again! One seed head has hundreds of seeds in it. They can be shared with friends! If you do collect them, let the seed pods dry out first, to the point where when if you shake one, it sounds a little bit like a baby rattle. That's when the pods can be opened and the seeds saved. A glass jar is best.
Poppy seeds like the cool of early spring or autumn to be planted. They will germinate best this way.
They don't like to be transplanted due to a rather long taproot. If you must, make sure to get as much soil around them as possible. It dries out in no time otherwise, and you're left with a dead plant. I say this from personal experience. : (
They sure are showy once they're established. A real treasure in the garden!
Happy Gardening!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Flowering Friday and a Bumblebee too!

Chives for Flowering Friday.... ...and a Bumblebee, too!

Have a good weekend! : )