Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn in the Haliburton Highlands - Where Did the Summer Go?!

Autumn in the Highlands The gardening season here in the Haliburton Highlands has just flown by. I find it hard to believe we're already standing on the doorstep of October, knocking on the door, really! All of a sudden when I looked up from all the things that have involved my energies, the leaves had changed their colour! Everything was green the last time I noticed, and now there's a lovely coat of multiple colours cloaking the forests surrounding my home. Speaking of home, I was heading there from work the other day, hoping to have some time to play in the garden and perhaps harvest some seeds etc., and ended up stopping by the side of the road. It was almost involuntary, except I did make sure nobody was going to rear end my vehicle first, so that I could take a few photographs of the beauty I found myself surrounded by. It's always a good thing to keep the camera close by, and forgive me if I sound like Martha Stewart. The photo above is down at the beach on Halls Lake. It's a great place to swim during those wonderful hot summer days. I think I managed to get down there only a handful of times this year! This is one of the last hollyhock blooms left in the garden. Thought to capture a photo before they're all gone! So, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and that it dragged on endlessly for you, which would be the complete opposite of my experience because I sure am wondering where it went! Thanks for stopping by my garden. Happy Autumn!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Teddy Bear Sunflowers - Blooming Now

The Teddy Bear sunflower has many 4-6" double yellow-gold flower heads. They look like fluffy pincushions or big huge mums. They’re the perfect height for a children's garden, and even better, they’re very easy to grow!

I have them here in my raised beds, and I think they really enjoyed the extra bit of manure that I added last fall. They've amply rewarded me with a great show in return.
 As many art lovers will recognize, these spectacular sunflowers were depicted famously in a series of canvases by Vincent van Gogh, whom we all know was, (thankfully for the art world and our continued enjoyment), obsessed with painting them.
Of course it wasn't just van Gogh who liked these flowers. The bees are all over them! The flowers are painting the bees with pollen!

 At SciTechDaily, they refer to these charming flowers as “mutants” and go on to say that scientists have been trying to solve the genetic origin of this particular variety of sunflower for a long time.

I’m very much looking forward to collecting the seeds from these little gems soon.
Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Gardening! : )