Friday, 13 December 2013

DIY furniture for the Wee Folk - Fairy gardens and terrariums

 One of my customers ordered a terrarium and requested a Fairy theme to it, but they wanted it kept simple. Above is the creation I came up with. A few plants, lots of moss, some stepping 'stone' wooden disks, and that little wee blue chair. Such fun to create! At any rate, it piqued my interest in fairy gardens, and the adorable furniture one can adorn them with, and now I'm hooked!
Terrarium from above!
 So... After last weeks wreath and table centrepiece workshop I led, there were a lot of scraps on hand. (That's the thing about nature crafts... everything can be used!). As you can see, I cut up all the pine twigs into smaller and more usable pieces. I also had some oak disks that I'd cut a while ago that work great for seating and tabletops.
 Here are the first 3 I created last night while everyone was sleeping! I sat in the kitchen, glue gun in hand, rifled through the twigs, and came up with 2 chairs and a table. It's fun to try different styles, so I made a somewhat traditional chair, and then made that funky recliner type seat!
 As you can see, there is glue showing. I hate that, and any of the strands that come with it. I refer to them as spider webs, and the less you see of that, the better they'll look! With that in mind, adding moss and more detail was next. Moss is great for disguising any of those mechanics that you want to hide.
 They say the 'devil is in the details', but that's the fun part! I had a couple of tiny little cuttings from a couple of twigs that ended up on the table as drinking cups. Being a floral designer, a small arrangement was a must! I used a Putka pod and glued dried Pee gee hydrangea seed heads on it to create a wee bouquet.
 Then I decided I needed more seating. The bench was built next! Again, more moss, which gives it a very natural gardeny feel to it. Something the fairies might actually want to sit in!
Such fun! Well, it's back to the glue gun for me! I'm having too good of a time to stop now, but wanted to share, and wish everyone a very happy Friday. Enjoy! ~ Karen


ulla laiho said...

I have never seen such furniture - they are lovely!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Hello Ulla,
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that.
They're a lot of fun to make! : )
Happy Holidays!