Friday, 16 May 2014

Flowering Friday, Fungi and a Fairy house, too!

Trout Lily - Erythronium americanum
 This lovely little yellow flower is called a Trout lily. They are blooming all over the place right now, here in the Haliburton Highlands. They're so dainty, and seemingly pop out of nowhere, adding a splash of colour through the monochromatic oak leaves from last fall that cover the ground. I just love them, and look forward every spring to seeing these lovely little native gems.

Trout lily with a wee pollinator  

Gyromitra esculenta (False Morel) Poisonous!!!
I almost kicked these brain like fungis by accident while on a walk in the woods. Glad I didn't because they're so interesting and I was happy to get a photo of them. They really are odd looking, yet completely fascinating in their own right! Each one was about the size of my fist. I've never seen them before and had to look them up! As with any mushroom, morel or fungi, I would never eat any. Many are highly toxic and downright poisonous.

Claytonia virginica
These Claytonia virginica are little native wildflowers, and like the Trout lilies, they're presently blooming all over the place, too! They're also known as Fairy Spuds, Good Morning Spring, Mayflower, and Spring Beauty. The flowers are about the size of the tip of my thumb, and they remind me of tiny tulips!

A wee fairy house sits on this bracket type of shelf fungus in our yard
Here is the first fairy house I've ever made. I used bark and moss, along with a few branches and my good old glue gun. I had a lot of fun looking around my yard for a place to photograph it. Thought it looked right at home on that shelf fungus. I'll have to make a wee ladder from one shelf to the next for easier access for the 'wee folk'!

This is a long weekend here in Ontario. Victoria Day is on Monday, so I'm looking forward to playing in the garden, relaxing a bit with my family and getting ready for the Haliburton County Farmers' Market, which incidentally opens this coming Tuesday May 20th in the Village of Haliburton at Head Lake Park. (June 20th in Carnarvon).
If you're in the neighborhood, drop by and say hello. I'll have organic seeds, terrariums, bath salts, lip balm, lavender, and all sorts of organic and nature goodies available to purchase.

Have a great long weekend, everyone ~ Happy gardening!


Vanessa said...

Nice Pictures! I really like your pictures of the flowers!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Thank you so much, Vanessa. I really appreciate it! ~ Karen