Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sharing some lovely #lavender #lilacs for #WordlessWednesday - The kitchen smells great!


Tittis trädgård said...

I love lilacs! My garden is full of them in these days. I saw your beautiful terrariums in another post. I really like them, they are so cute/ Titti

Jwls Poyner said...

Beautiful! Yours have bloomed more than mine here in Eagle Lake, up on the hill! Even the apple blossoms up here are not quite as far along as those in town. Love the photos Karen!
Happy Gardening to you!

Wall Flower Studio said...

Ladies, thank you very much! I'm so sorry for the late response. Admittedly, I've not been on here too much lately.
Tittus, Lilacs are my favourite, too! Wishing they'd last longer! So glad you liked the terrariums. Thank you so much! ~ Karen

Jwls, thanks so much! I hope everything is blooming well for you. Happy Gardening, my friend!